Since its inception in 1995, the Atlanta Retailers Association (ARA) has grown into an over 1000 members. The ARA is a faith/community based organization composed of convenience store/ gas station owners and operators. The ARA was organized under the laws of the state of Georgia and is governed by its by-laws and an elected honorary board of directors (BOD). The ARA management team works to promote our members’ interests by reaching purchasing agreements with major vendors, raising awareness regarding compliance with industry and government (local, state and federal) requirements, and encouraging best practices in business. The ARA also provides leadership and participates in projects that are beneficial to our local, national, and international communities.

Mission Statement

The ARA’s mission is to manage a sound, sustainable and exemplary organization for our members while working towards the goal of collective economic, educational, and community growth, while remaining anchored in the principles of ethical practice which strengthen our community. The ARA’s primary objectives are to strengthen our association, benefit our members, and benefit our community at large.

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